zomoon free sheet introduction, online forms, smart reports

zomoon Smart Sheet Editor

Easy and smart sheet editor, quick add columns, edit advanced options of the column, easy sort the columns

zomoon Online Sheet Smart Editor Columns
Easy add columns, edit column header name, multiple data types to choose from

Smart Sheet Template

Departments can fill in the sheet with the personalized template, It feels like filling in a paper form

zomoon personalized template to fill out
You can create personalized template for the sheet to fill in

Smart Sheet Statistics

Shows a summary about all departments which fill in our not

zomoon Smart Sheet Statistics
You can now directly who filled in and who did not

Multiple chart types

zomoon sheet provides 7 selectable report types. By selecting tables, selecting columns, selecting summary data and comparing data, the data can be made visible.

zomoon sheet report support
We provides line charts, linear charts, bar charts, radar charts, pie charts, doughnut chart and area chart, with up to 7 kinds of chart

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