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Customize table names, table column names, various optional column attributes, custom table templates, summary statistics, data export, reports, etc.
Rapid design

Custom table names, column names, optional numbers, text, dates, pictures and files

We provide 7 kinds of report

Optional table single or multiple columns to create graphical reports, 7 report types to choose from

Report and export

Subordinate departments report form data through the data reporting function, and the you can export data to excel and CSV formats

Success Cases

We have provided reliable and stable online forms services for government departments, bus terminals, schools and organizations
Government higher-level departments issue multiple forms for lower-level departments to complete
Prefectural government

Because multiple forms are required at any time, traditional document forms consume a lot of manpower and resources. zomoon online forms are used to create the required forms online and send them to the subordinate departments that need to be filled in. Subordinate departments use the zomoon online form department to fill in the reporting function, which greatly saves time for data submission, summary and statistics

The school collects all kinds of student information, including student information, event registration, etc., instead of traditional paper-based reports
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Local school

Schools often have various forms that need to be sent to students for filling in. Using traditional paper forms will waste a lot of time on data collation. After using the zomoon online forms, directly create online forms and send them to the entire school. Student login Fill in the report, the school can check the student's report at any time, summarize the data, and view the statistical report

A company uses zomoon online forms to collect various information of its subordinate departments online
Collection of company information

During the epidemic, the company needs to collect information on personnel rework, daily temperature, and other information. Using our online form, directly create and distribute the form to achieve paperless information collection, saving time and effort.

Collection of laboratory data
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Collection of laboratory research data

A university laboratory uses our online sheet to collect IoT data such as temperature and humidity from agricultural sensors, and to aggregate data, saving time and labor costs in developing various data collection systems.

About zomoon online sheet

zomoon online sheet, an online tool that replaces traditional paper forms, have been recognized by our customers.

Flexible sheet making tools make the threshold for making sheet 0. The form was issued accurately, and the statistics were filled in online

  1. Streamline forms and reduce paper forms
  2. Reduce form file transfers between companies, departments and personnel


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