Collect information from a primary school student using zomoon online sheet

We are happy to have customers from schools using our online sheet

A primary school made many attempts at paperlessness. When they came into contact with our online sheet, they felt that they were very suitable as a substitute for students' traditional paper forms.

After using our online sheet, they saved a lot of manpower in data entry and saved a lot of paper.

Using the data summary function, it is very convenient to check which students did not submit the sheet. Using the one-click export function, the data that took several days to enter before was saved to a few seconds.

The best feature is that the online sheet can be filled in using a template. Through the copy and paste function, the sheet in excel and word can be directly pasted into the sheet template design page, after inserting the columns to be filled in, the sheet template design is completed.

Using the student grouping function, students are grouped by class and grade, so that the sheet can be issued by group, which enables quick delivery to the students who need to complete the report.

Regarding data security, we respect the data and privacy of each customer very much, we have done a lot of data protection work, do our best to protect the data security, and in our administrator background, we can't see any data.

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