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Yes, we launched this easy-to-use online sheet.

"There are too many excel files, is there any tool that can merge the data in single file?" I was asked by my best friend.

After asking him carefully, I know that these file packages may contain several different formats, the headers are different, the data arrangement is different, and he needs to summarize such tables every month.

My friend and I didn't find the right tool, so we planned to develop an online sheet system like this, and the zomoon Online Sheet was born.

What we have with zomoon Sheet System:

The zomoon online form includes the following functions: online design sheet, delivery sheet to the department (individual), etc. to fill in, then you can view the data online, and create online reports including 7 kinds of chart, also you can export the data into excel and csv format.

You can create multiple department (personal) accounts through the dashboard, or through our invitation system, register by creating an invitation code address, and invite the department (individual) to register. After registration, you can view the successful registration data in the dashboard department management.

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